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LifeExec is Your Secure Life Planning Solution

LifeExec is the life management resource dedicated to ensuring communication between you and your loved ones in any situation. Use LifeExec to securely store important information and build private plans that are ready to deploy during significant events like accident, death, travel, or having a baby. With LifeExec you can always communicate, even when you can't.

Application Features

  • Single Secure Destination

    Organize your life by using LifeExec as a single repository for all life documents, passwords, and property.
  • Maximum Security with Document-Not-Present

    Never place highly sensitive content online … anywhere. LifeExec offers a patent-pending, unique content management method that allows you to store actionable data without compromising your security.
  • Rest Easy with Ultimate Privacy

    Your information remains private until the actual need exists to grant access to information. Your contacts receive only the instructions and documents you grant access to at the time you grant it.
  • Communicate Even When You Can't

    Our patent-pending solution allows trusted contacts to initiate death and accident communications.
  • Share Important Reminders

    Save birthdates anniversaries quickly and easily so you never have to look back at your calendar again.
  • Create Everyday Plans

    Traveling abroad, going on vacation, or having a baby? Communicate with family, friends, and coworkers efficiently gives you peace-of-mind so you can enjoy the moment.

    Monthly Plan Pricing

  • $10.00

    • Start Free Trial
    • 15GB Document Storage
    • Unlimited Reminders
    • Unlimited Plans
    • Unlimited Messages
    • Unlimited Contacts
    • 2 Months Free

    Annual Plan Pricing

  • $100.00

    • Start Free Trial
    • 20GB Document Storage
    • Unlimited Reminders
    • Unlimited Plans
    • Unlimited Messages
    • Unlimited Contacts
    • 2 Months Free

How LifeExec Plans Work in 6 Steps

create account

Create Your Account

Create an account and start building a plan immediately.

choose contacts

Choose Your Contacts

Choose your contacts and when they receive notifications. When an event does occur, three layers of validation ensure your security and privacy.

upload documents

Upload Documents or Don't

Securely store your critical documents such as a living will, medical insurance or life insurance. With our patent pending Document Not Present feature, you leave a roadmap to documents you have stored in your safe or on file.

build plan

Build Your Plan

Pick a key life event such as an accident or death. You choose if you want to add associate documents, instructions with select contacts. Customize as you wish and create the exact plan you want.

launch plan

Launch Event & Validate

Launch events by date, manually, or your chosen contacts can launch death and accident plans. LifeExec includes safeguards to insure the validity and accuracy of triggered events.

send secure messages

Distribute Secure Message

Information is only distributed at the time of an event. When an event is triggered, your contacts validate their identity. Your private information is never sent via email and can only be viewed within a secure message viewer.

LifeExec Security

Planning for state-of-the-art customer privacy and security began on day one at LifeExec. With 14 years experience developing security applications for brand leaders like Ascension Software, your security is our top priority. Our approach ensures customer safety with layers of protection from these world leaders:

  • Azure Cloud – The world's most secure cloud environment
  • Security Standards – Defined by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • Security Audit – Daily security audits and penetration testing performed by McAfee

About LifeExec

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs with more than fifteen years of explosive success in software security. As the former makers of Ascension Software, Scott Mary and Ken York led the category of software services for hospitality – and learned quite a bit about assessing customer needs along the way. With a relentless drive to enhance the customer experience, their leadership was responsible for years of rapid growth and a successful merger for Ascension in 2016.

As the business expanded, Scott and Ken's own families were growing up in Bend, Oregon. Life became increasingly complicated. With a clear-eyed, process driven passion, they turned their professional focus to creating a life management tool that could solve these challenges in ways that no one had before – and LifeExec by 541 Software was born.

LifeExec from 541 Software puts you first by design. Simple, easy tools and state of the art software security support your life planning process and keep what matters to you most secure. By creating a life plan to protect your loved ones you're prepared no matter what comes next. LifeExec helps you build your plan in minutes and puts your plan in action for a fraction of the cost of a personal attorney.

LifeExec guides users step by step to create the solutions they desire. Live fully and ditch your worries, knowing you've solved the challenges every family must face – challenges like what if I have an accident? How do I protect my kids once I'm gone? And what's the plan for my folks, who will take care of them if I'm not around?

541 Software codes the values of our founders right into LifeExec, values like family, independence and freedom. LifeExec leapfrogs the future, offering you state of the art security and easy steps to build your plan in minutes. Your wishes, your critical documents and your loved ones are connected. Securely. Legal documents, passcodes and everything precious to you remains secure and private. But when life throws an inevitable curve ball, LifeExec follows your instructions to provide the people you select with access to information when and where you say.

With LifeExec you always communicate what matters most, even when you can't.